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Become an S4S Associate

Members with world map background

If you are active in the field of sufficiency, sustainability and/or innovation and would like to become a S4S Associate, click here to send an email to the network coordinator. Include a one-paragraph bio about yourself including, in this order, your name, current and one or more previous institutional affiliations, profession, position in your current organization, significant activities in one or more of the sub-fields listed on the Read and View page on this site, and recent publications in print or electronic media including videos and films, academic degrees, and your preferred email address. The length of this short bio should not exceed 1000 characters with spaces. You may provide a link to a more complete resumé or CV available online. If you provide this information, we will include a pin with your name, city, state or province, and country on our searchable map of associates included on the Associates page of this site and include your bio on the Associate Bios page. Look at that page for examples of how to prepare your bio.  Please also include a street address, phone number, Skype or similar account and URLs for your publications available on the Internet for inclusion in our data base, but not the searchable map or bio.

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